Stuttgart Health

Stuttgart Health

Comprehensive care for a wide range of patients spanning from endstage cardiac failure to Olympic goldmedalists.

We are a private practice for internal medicine, cardiology and angiology (heart and vascular diseases). Our range of services includes diagnosis and therapy of existing diseases as well as prevention. Our goal is to enable our patients to live as long as possible, free of complaints and active. The main focus of the practice is the diagnosis and therapy of all forms of cardiovascular disease, such as coronary heart disease, heart failure and inflammatory heart disease.

Another major focus is performance diagnostics for recreational and elite athletes as well as the clarification of unexplained drop in performance, such as after infectious diseases (e.g. long covid or post covid). For this purpose, in addition to performing the resting ECG as well as the stress ECG, we also offer spiroergometry both under stress on the bicycle and on the treadmill. The analysis of blood gases, lactate values and lung function under stress allow an exact determination of the performance capacity. Based on decades of experience in ultrasound technology, we perform examinations of the heart (echocardiography), all displayable arteries and veins at the highest technical level. We have the latest ultrasound technology at university level including 3 D, 4 D. This includes the examination of the carotid artery, the aorta, the leg vessels and the internal organs.

Already during your stay in the practice, we can determine and discuss all essential laboratory parameters.

Due to my many years of work in the Stuttgart area, a wide network with highly qualified specialists in other fields has been established. If necessary, this enables a seamless clarification and solution of any open questions.

  • CardioConsult | Dr. Stefan F. Zieger, Kirchheimer Straße, Stuttgart, Deutschland

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